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      Last week we essentially played musical chairs with places around our house. We wrote-drew the rooms of the house and placed them around the dinner table. The question and response went in the middle. When we stopped, we took turns asking each other the question and answering according to the answer we were nearest. This could be done with feelings, animals, plants, family members, the possibilities are endless!

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      What are language games that you play with your family?

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      We have been occasionally playing Kapow with feeling phrases, survival phrases and greetings.

      Basically, after placing all of the sticks into a container, we take turns pulling one and translating the phrase aloud. If correct, we keep the card. If not, it goes back in the container. If a player pulls a KAPOW! card, they must dispose all of their sticks. Play continues until all cards have been used. When the container is empty, the player with the most sticks is the winner.

      Recently, I’ve also been trying to use more Kwakwala numbers when playing cribbage.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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