Song for Kia

This song was composed by Kumugwe Cultural Society’s own Keisha Everson. In March 2019, her sister asked Keisha about writing a female empowerment song she could sing. Keisha sat down and quickly came up with the melody and lyrics. While it’s not a rockin’ femme anthem, this lullaby style song speaks to the quiet supernatural strength of the feminine spirit.Keisha takes full responsibility for any mistakes or odd turns of phrase. Some sentences here would never be used by a fluent speaker, but are intended to be figurative. For example, “Ma̱s’manutłux̱ da wałda̱m.” Words don’t and can’t literally punch you in the ear. Enjoy!

Christmas Time

Kwak’wala Articulation

Learn about the sounds of Kwak'wala, and where they are made in the articulation tract, with examples.